Store Manager FAQ :

  1. General
  2. Installation

  3. Company Set up.

  4. Product Set up.
  5. Services.
    • 1: What is a Service ?

  6. Reports.
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  7. Reminders.
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  8. Bar code.
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  9. Receipt Printer.
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  10. Estore.
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  11. Payment.
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  12. Version.
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  13. Data entry.
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 Installation Solutions:

1a.How to install?
1a:   If you have a CD, insert the CD in your CD drive then browse
 through your CD and double click on the setup.exe and follow the procedure.

 If you have downloaded the software from our web-site please unzip the 
smzip.exe, for this you need a zip-unzip software, (if you don't have please
download the zip software from--- www.winzip.com its a share-ware), after
unzipping the file just click on the setup.exe and follow the procedure.


1b. Space Required for SM?
1b: SM requires approximately 10 MB space which is post-

2a. What is Online Info in Company Set up?
2a: Online information is the necessary piece of information required
to,gather your E-store related information.

2b. What is Custom Information in Company Set up?
2b:  In Custom information you can enter any information about your 
company which highlights your store or products.

3a. How to enter Barcodes ?
3a:   Barcode may be pre-printed  you can type your own barcode value
for that product or ask Store Manager to generate one for you.  You can also 
print barcodes using Store Manager. 


3b:What is Product batch selection mode and LIFO/FIFO?
3b: You can use this functionality to select the product from a 
particular shipment so you can either define LIFO (Last In First Out) or
FIFO (First In Last Out) as per your need/requirement.


3c: What do you mean by 'Status' in Other tab in Product Set up?
3c:  This setting tell you if you have discontinued dealing in a certain 
product. If you clear the checkbox, Store Manager will treat the product as 
discontinued, and will not show it in the transaction screens.  However any
existing details of the product will be preserved.


3d: I don't know what is Expiry period/I want to know more about expiry
3d: This setting helps you set a pre-determined number of days after 
which a product would expire, or become non-saleable. For more details
please read the discussion of expiry period. This functionality is applicable
to only those items which you find are perishable or are hard to preserve
like fruits, sweets,juices, milk


3e: What is the difference between 'Re-order level' and Ideal re-order
         level' ?
3e: This is the level or quantity where in when a product's stocks fall
below this level, you have to place new orders for new supplies which
ensures that your inventory doesn't face any Hysteria.


3f: What is Optimum level in 'Stock level' tab under Product Set up?
3f:  The ideal quantity of a product which you should strive to maintain.  
While doing all inventory calculations, Store Manager will attempt to maintain
the specified quantity of a product in stock.


3g: How to make/mark a Product as Inactive?
3g:  To mark or make a Product as Inactive just uncheck the check box 
with label 'Active' beside it under 'Others' tab in Product set up.


General 1: What is Store Manager ?
Gen.1: Store Manager is a powerful system that keeps track of all your business information (inventory accounts, sales, profitability per product, customer loyalty & more). When used regularly it becomes the digital nervous system of your business, 
for more details click here.

General 2: How is the database synchronized?
Gen 2: The database that is in the local machine is synchronized with the
database on the server.


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