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We help retail merchants and service organizations to actively manage their physical store by providing them real time information about their business. This is done through our breakthrough service called Store Manager, which starts at just $23.95 per month.Store Manager is a powerful system that keeps track of all your business information (inventory, accounts, sales,profitability per product, customer loyalty & more). When used regularly it becomes the digital nervous system of your business. The benefits of using Store Manager are enormous: active management of inventory , purchase orders, customer loyalty, profitability reports are only some of the benefits. Store Manager can also handle multiple departments and multiple stores.
Besides being a warehouse of business information, it provides a seamless path to host your merchandise on the Internet thereby opening up a whole new market of customers for your business.Store Manager works as an online and an offline application , it connects to a bar code reader and printer. It does not require a dedicated phone line or DSL connection to the Internet. Store Manager fits into your existing business model with no startup costs other than a low monthly fee.
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