Shailesh Trivedi:                       President & Chief Executive Officer 

Deepak Nagar:                         Chief Technology Officer 

Rama Ramakrishnan:                 VP of Marketing 

Sanjaya Tayal:                         Co-founder,VP of Engg. at Chip Engines 



Shailesh Trivedi  President & Chief Executive Officer  

Shailesh Trivedi is an accomplished entrepreneur with over ten years of experience in founding and managing startups. In year 1989 he founded his 
first company, Digital CAD in Mumbai, India.Digital CAD provided PCB design services to medium and large companies in the Mumbai region reaching peak revenue of
Indian Rupees 2 million in 1997. 
In 1998,Mr.Shailesh redirected the focus of this company to the IT industry 
to pursue the growth opportunities.In March of 1998 he founded Fore Front Information  Technology Pvt.
 Ltd  (FIT). FIT  provides IT  solutions to small
and medium business . 
FIT created the brand & program called PC  Doctor
PC Doctor provides  call  based services to home & small business customers.  In November 2000, PC Doctor started  another office in Pune with plans to expand to Bangalore in  
Q2 2001.Mr.Shailesh holds an MSEE from University of Michigan
and has also been employed by Intel Corp. since 1986. Shailesh is an experienced project manager. Over the  past several years, Shailesh has managed  projects  or 
parts of  projects and worked
on CPUs  like 80486,  Pentiumô and  graphics accelerators like  Intel 740, Intel 810 and Intel 830M. 
He has extensive experience in managing small and large teams.Shailesh is a private pilot and enjoys skiing , aeromodelling  and  developing  market  and business strategies to grow his businesses.








Deepak Nagar:                        Chief Technology Officer 


Deepak Nagar is an accomplished technical leader in the IT industry in Mumbai, India.He started his technical career as a PCB layout designer at Digital CAD in 1990. With his diligence and  attention to detail he was promoted to managing partner of  the company in 1992. As  managing partner of Digital  CAD  Deepak 
was responsible for revenue growth to a peak of Rupees 2M in 1997.In 1998 he became the  CEO of  Fore  Front Information Technology Pvt Ltd. (FIT)  which has 10 employees. He manages the detailed execution of FITís most successful strategy PC doctor
. Deepak has built  an engineering team  to  develop  Store Manager for Brightfeathers Inc. Deepak holds  a bachelorís degree in commerce from University of Rajasthan. He is a (MCSE)  i.e. Microsoft  Certified  Systems Engineer (MCSE) and is regarded as a  technical  leader  by  the Microsoft Inc., Computer Associates offices and distributors in Mumbai.









Rama Ramakrishnan:                     VP of Marketing

Rama Ramakrishnan has been employed with Intel Corporation since 1992. 
He has proven himself to be an accomplished and diligent executor in various aspects of chip design.During his employment at Intel,Rama has worked on a
wide  variety of  project assignments.
Currently Rama  is working  on an MBA degree from University of Davis in California. VP of Marketing, Rama  has the 
next  challenge of  positioning  Store  Manager for success in the retail small 
scale  business  industry. Given his  historic track record, Rama is  the  most
suitable  candidate to  take on this challenge. His  long  standing  meticulous approach to solving difficult problems will help  pave the way for success.











Sanjaya Tayal:                         Co-founder 


Sanjaya Tayal has built and trained design teams to deliver leading edge
chipsets for Intel Corporation. Sanjaya worked for Intel for over 9 years 
and has managed design teams for over 5 years. Sanjaya and  Shailesh 
conceived the business plan for developing
Brightfeathers Inc.Presently
Sanjaya is a VP of Engineering at Chip Engines,a company that builds IP networking cores.



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