Store Manager 
Store Manager is a powerful system that keeps track of all your business information (inventory accounts, sales,  profitability per product, customer loyalty & more). When used regularly it becomes the digital nervous system of your business. The benefits of using Store Manager are enormous:-

Active management of inventory, purchase orders, customer loyalty, profitability 
  reports are only some of the benefits.
Store Manager can also handle multiple departments and multiple stores.
Besides being a warehouse of business information, it provides a seamless path to    
  host your merchandise on the Internet thereby opening up a whole new market of
  customers for your  business.
  Store Manager works as an online and an offline application, it connects to a bar
  code  reader and  printer. It does not require a dedicated  phone line or DSL
  connection to the Internet. Store Manager fits into your existing business model
  with no  startup costs other than a low monthly fee. 
  There are  many attributes that cause a  retail small  business to succeed  & grow.
  Unique  product  selection, attractive store  displays ,product availability, customer
  service, competition, pricing, ambience of the store are only some of these key 
  attributes. To succeed  in your retail business, it is critical to actively manage all
  the  information  being  generated  daily in your retail store. Active Management 
  refers to the process of continuously using this business information to  make critical 
  decisions. Store Manager continuously provides critical business information to a
  business manager. Using Store Manager, the  business  manager has access to real
  time information about his store enabling her/him to actively manage the business.
  Store Manager  creates a highly  secure account for your business that can only be
  accessed by you or your authorized employees.
  Here are the enormous benefits to your bottom line.
  The in-store (or offline) module of Store Manager:
Saves the business manager 10-20 minutes every day to reconcile balances at
  end of each day done automatically by Store Manager.
Provides critical news about your business as it is happening in real time.
Does perpetual inventory management hence you know what items are running
  low & what are not; what perishable  products are past expiration date.
  Automatically generates PO for low running items, sends email to supplier/vendor
  and prints PO for faxing or mailing.
  Generates reports on fast or slow moving; most or least  profitable products.  
Tells you which shelf displays are fast moving and which are not by generating
per shelf revenue & product reports.
Product locator ability to tell store clerk which shelf has a product & if in stock 
without walking out to the shelf. Ability to forecast revenues & profits based on 
real time sales  data.
Manages customer loyalty enabling you to :
Reward loyal customers.
Provide special incentives to make customers loyal.
Track customer spending patterns.
Understand type of products purchased by each individual  customer.
Provide reminders for special orders or due dates for repeat service calls.
Print personalized greetings for special occasions of regular customers.
Develop promotional customized to individual spending patterns.
Manages products for retail sale, rental products, services bundled with  products 
or services billed hourly.
Manages multiple departments within your retail store & provides department-wise
Manages multiple stores across town or across the country.
Is a full-fledged accounting package that tracks Products, Shipments, Vendors, 
customers, accounts payable and receivable.
Provides you with critical business indicators from the small business retail industry
to benchmark your performance (eg. inventory turnover, profitability, income).
Allows you to access critical business information ubiquitously on the Internet from
anywhere in the world.
Daily backup of in-store data on a web server.
Enables you to host your entire retail store on the Internet with the click of a button

The online Estore module of Store Manager:
No major setup or activation fees required to get started setup done with click
of a button if you have in-store Store Manager.
Has all the advantages of an electronic commerce store on the Internet.
Shopping carts.
Visibility on all major Internet search engines.
Order Tracking facility.
Easy Selection of Templates.
Communicates seamlessly with the in-store Store Manager module.
Allows you to host a physical retail store and an electronic Estore on the Internet
from the same physical inventory in your shop.
Completely integrated with accounting system of in-store Store Manager module.
Allows two Store Manager businesses to conduct commerce in a vendor/customer
relationship automatically updating PO, shipment, payment information between
both businesses.
  Lead Time Management.
On web site communicate to customers what items are in stock; if out of 
stock then what is expected lead time.
Allow privileged vendors to peep into your inventory so they can pre-order
low running items or items that have long lead times.
Separately manage online and offline customers (customer loyalty, spending habits



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